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The first top-quality alcohol-free wine has arrived in Spain. The prestigious Group Matarromera, based in the town of Valbuena de Duero (Valladolid), has just launched EMINASIN, a wine with an alcohol content of 0.5%.

EMINASIN has been obtained thanks to the most advanced technology, with a patented system that represents a world’s first in preserving the organoleptic characteristics of traditional wine but almost completely eliminating its alcohol content.

EMINASIN is made by means of a system known as Spinning Cone Column (SCC). The dealcoholisation is carried out through low-temperature vacuum distillation of a wine fermented previously in stainless steel tanks with constantly-controlled temperature. Thanks to this deconstruction process, the risk of the wine losing its aromatic components is reduced to a minimum.

The result of this innovative process is a fresh, fruity, different wine, specially recommended for all types of consumers, and designed to conquer a segment of the market that until now could not enjoy the pleasure of a product as exquisite as wine: drivers, pregnant women or those for whom alcohol consumption is prohibited on religious grounds, now have the chance to taste this new product, as novel as it is exquisite.

EMINASIN is presented under three different references:

  • EminaSIN White: made with the finest Verdejo grapes from the Rueda area.
  • Red EminaSIN: made with the excellent Tempranillo grapes from the Duero area.
  • EminaSIN Rosé: made with Cigales grapes.
  • EminaSIN 12 Months: Made from Tempranillo Red wine, aged for 12 months in American oak barrels.

It is a new, different and healthy product: apart from its very low alcohol content, EMINASIN contains very few calories (4.2 kcal/100 ml, compared with 85 Kcal/100 ml in a normal wine), making it the alcohol-free wine with the lowest caloric content in the world.

This is the first wine of this kind to reach the Spanish market under the brand of exclusivity, elegance and distinction of SINALCOHOL S.L.

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Ctra. de Renedo-Pesquera, Km 35
Valbuena de Duero
47359 Valladolid (SPAIN)

Coordenadas GPS:
Latitud: 41.639429
Longitud: -4.258415

Tlf: 983 683 315
Fax: 902 430 189